Where are the client's assets deposited?

The assets of the client are deposited in the client's name on a dedicated account at the bank o this choice. For rationalisation and cost control purposes, which are benefiting the client, Clear Eight Capital has negotiated competitive rates with a number of banks in Geneva. Nevertheless, should a client desire to have his assets deposited in any other banking institution, he is absolutely free to do so. Clear Eight Capital would in this case negotiate the adequate fee structure with the client's preferred bank.

How far does Clear Eight Capital's asset management competence reach? What actions can not be taken by Clear Eight Capital?

Clear Eight Capital has a limited power of decision over the client's assets. It can not transfer titles or cash out of the account, nor can it secure it as a guarantee. In other words, Clear Eight Capital can only manage the client's assets.

How can I obtain information on my account?

The clients have access to all the services of the depositary banks. Consequently, clients can have access to the accounts online, obtain extracts regularly or at any given time, as well as any required tax related documentation, should these be available at the depositary bank.

Can I keep my existing account and pass on the management of its assets to Clear Eight Capital?

Clear Eight Capital can, at any time, accept your asset management mandate at the depositary bank of your choice.

Can I cancel the asset management mandate, which ties me with Clear Eight Capital?

This can be done at anytime, with no termination fee other than the management commission due at the time of the cancellation.

Can I close a bank account upon which Clear Eight Capital has an asset management mandate?

This can be done at anytime, with no termination fee other than the management commission due at the time of the cancellation. Please note that the bank will charge its own fees for the closing of the account.

Could the choice of an independent asset manager increase the cost related to my account?

Clear Eight Capital's fee and cost structure is totally transparent for its clients. We have negotiated favourable terms for our clients with the banks, at which the assets will be deposited.

The fees charged by the banks should therefore be less than what could be charged by the banks directly, should you become their own client. Moreover, our philosophy of serving the client's best interest by investing in the market's best products allows us to avoid unnecessary transactions, which are generating commissions, fees and costs.

Who controls the activity of Clear Eight Capital and what is the nature of these controls?

Clear Eight Capital is strictly controlled by the «Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers» or «ARIF» (www.arif.ch), whose work is itself recognized by the Swiss Financial Regulations Authority or «FINMA» (www.finma.ch).

Furthermore, Clear Eight Capital has adopted the Deontology code established by ARIF, whose auto regulatory rules for the independent asset managers have been validated by the FINMA in 2009.

Finally, Clear Eight Capital has decided not to take the option of renouncing on the services of an independent auditor, whose work guarantees sound administrative and accounting records ad practices.